In the name of Allah

(Ho inspiring me and Faza)

He is the God who created you from the earth and gave you the prosperity

Thanks and thanksgiving to the only god who granted the gift of grace and reappearance, and once again revealed the effects of the creation of creation.

I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate all the authorities of the Holy See of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meanwhile, the greetings and courtesy of my dear colleagues, miners, homeowners and owners of the company, and those who are active in the export of rocks.

I needed to know the history and history of Mount Nour Mine, and I would like to thank you for those who are interested in this business, processing, exporting and selling.

The start of the mine and work was from 12/4/93 to 11/10/94, when the mine was registered at that time and we began to operate on 11/11/94, along with three excavating machinery, a bulldozer machine 155 and a Komatsu 477 loader was used for road construction and exploration, which was carried out until December 5, 1995, and the mineral found in the alabaster stone with a purity of ninety-five percent and grade one was achieved. During this time, we participated in the exhibitions in Iran and Italy in Verona, China, and Turkey, which we enjoyed very well.

Those who are active in the field of domestic sales and export of stone are invited to attend the goals and development of the mining industry of our country’s beloved Iran and to use this clean treasure that is located on the territory of Iran and to cooperate with us. Delegation to the cities of Iran and the outside world, we are also active and capable of declaring our readiness and are ready to accept and welcome you to the magnanimous.

thanks and grateful