The light transmission is one of Alabaster’s main features. Countries such as Spain, Italy and America, which are considered to be manufacturers of this product, will benefit from the export of this product. Alavistair is one of a variety of gypsum crystals, Movahedi, a mining and exploration expert on the Alabaster Stone. This rock is one of the gypsum structures and has the property of passing light. Alabaster stone mines are located in different parts of Iran, which can be found in Lamard city in Fars province, where the thickness of rock is 1-4 meters. The important thing about the color of Alabaster’s rocks is that everywhere in the world all the rocks from travertine to marble and alabaster in the market, the color of the bubble and white paint is the priority and then the other colors are placed.

The reason for the market’s greater tendency toward the alabasterism is that it is easy to play with light, and any light in it will reflect the same color. The Alabaster stone is a rock that has no veins and lines in it and is completely white. The stone was first discovered in the city of Alabaster, Spain. It is also famous for its name. It has a historical background, the rock or the alabaster in the Aztec civilization (South America) was a sacred rock from which objects for religious ceremonies and rituals They sacrificed. The first use of Alabaster dates back to the Egyptian pharaonic era. The effects of pots and alabaster sculptures on ancient discoveries from the Egyptian Pyramids, although the major uses of the stone in the ancient Roman Empire were wider in different parts of the building. It is a beautiful stone in a variety of white, cream-golden, smoked and opal glass and … Various uses in interior decoration of houses, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, swimming pools, conference halls and decorative ware manufacturing, chandeliers, lanterns Light sculptures, furniture and other uses.

This kind of rock is welcomed due to its high quality and high quality for export to European countries and Gulf basin.