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Sample Applications

Building stone is one of the most widely used materials in various buildings. Residential buildings, town planning projects, hotels, etc. are among the parts that require this natural material. Since the stone is the last material to be used in the building, and it will make the value and beauty of the building, it should be carefully chosen in its selection.


Why Alabaster?

Transmitting light

The alabaster stone is a natural stone, with its breathtaking light transmission, has a lot of abilities to carry out the decoration. The use of this stone in the palaces, hotels and art buildings of Italy, France, Spain and the United States has created unique decorations by international designers.

Alabaster's Pure Stone

The alabaster stone, "clean", refers to a stone with no streaks and lines in it, and it is completely white, said: This kind of alabaster stone in some cases is valued for 8000 dollars per square meter, 6 to 8 mm in thickness.


This beautiful stone in white variety, golden wort, smoked glass and agate is used in interior decoration of houses, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, pools, conference halls and decorative items, chandeliers, lamps, sculptures , Furniture and other uses.square meter, 6 to 8 mm in thickness.

Alabaster stone has a great reception for quality and high quality for export to European countries and Gulf basin.